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Fat Daddio’s Silicone Bakeware




Flexible and versatile. Safe to use in the freezer, microwave and oven. Durable enough to handle the daily use of commercial kitchens. Use it for baking, mousse, gelatin, ice sculptures, chocolate, craft applications…the possibilities are endless.
Sealed with a high-temperature process which creates a natural non-stick surface. No need for any release coatings or grease, which can often degrade the natural non-stick surface of silicone.
• Each mold measures 12” by 7”.

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4-oz. Hemisphere Silicone Mold, 2.7-oz. Hemisphere Silicone, 1-oz. Hemisphere Silicone Mold, .68-oz. Hemisphere Silicone, .3-oz. Hemisphere Silicone Mold, 1.7-oz. Muffin Silicone Mold, 3.38-oz. Muffin Silicone Mold, 4.57-oz. Muffin Silicone Mold, .68-oz Financier Silicone Mold, 2.37-oz. Cake Silicone Mold, 1-oz. Petit Four Silicone Mold, 3-oz. Cylinder Silicone Mold, 1-oz. MadeleineSilicone Mold