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Knife Sharpening

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Standard Knife Sharpening

Price per knife is $5.00
While you wait.
Yes, we can sharpen serrated blades too.

A standard knife repair is $10.00
This includes:

  • Reshaping the knife
  • Remove nicks or chips
  • Fixing knife tips that are bent or broken if possible
  • Edge sharpened

Hand Sharpening

Price per knife starts at $20.00.
Prices may increase if the knife is significantly damaged or worn.

Hand Sharpening takes time and patience, be prepared to leave your knife with us.

Scissor Sharpening

Most kitchen shears and utility scissors are $5.00 and can be done while you wait.

We also sharpen:
Corrugated scissors $10.00+
Pinking shears $10.00+
Dressmaker shears $10.00+
Stylist scissors $10.00+
These items take time and cannot be done while you wait.

Straight Razor Sharpening

Razors are $30.00 each.
We do not restore old razors or sharpen razors that have significant wear.

Other Items

Pocket Knives
Pizza Wheels
Meat Grinder Plates and Knives (up to 16″)
Robot Coupe Blades
Meat Slicer Blades
Paper Cutters / Trimmers
Most Pruning Shears and Hedge Clippers
Lawn Mower Blades
Clipper Blades
Straight Mandoline Blades

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If you are looking to work with a passionate and experienced knife sharpening business in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. 

Gift Cards

No need to stress over the perfect gift. Give the gift that allows your special someone to add a new favorite gadget to their kitchen. Our gift cards are fit for a variety of occasions such as: birthdays, weddings, graduations.

I arrived shortly before closing and they still sharpened my knives to perfection. My only complaint about this place … I have never left without buying some new kitchen gadget that I’ve never seen before … but it’s worth every penny.

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