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Fat Daddio’s Angel Food Pan 10-in.


Fat Daddio’s ProSeries Angel Food Cake Pans are expertly designed for specialties like angel food, pound cakes, streusel cakes, bread, and even frozen desserts. These pans are specifically engineered to bake consistent, light, and fluffy angel food cakes, ensuring a perfect rise and texture every time.

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Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a novice, these pans are a must-have for creating delectable Angel Food and Pound Cake desserts that impress.



  • Material Excellence: Made from high-quality 12 gauge anodized aluminum, these pans provide superior heat distribution, helping to prevent overbaking and ensuring even cooking.
  • Seamless Design: The seamless construction with a solid bottom offers added stability and uniform baking, while the rolled rim facilitates easy handling.
  • Pan Preparation for Easy Release: The properties of the anodized surface allow for easy release of baked goods. For recipes like Angel Food and Chiffon Cakes, the pan SHOULD NOT be greased; lining the bottom with parchment paper is sufficient. This is crucial as stiffly beaten egg white recipes require the ability to cling to the sides of the pan for proper rising.
  • Durability and Ease of Use: These pans are built to last and will not rust, peel, or flake. We recommend hand washing to maintain their quality over time. Temperature-rated up to 550° F (285° C). Freezer safe.
  • Versatility: While ideal for angel food and chiffon cakes, these pans are also perfect for a wide range of baked goods, including pound cakes and streusel cakes. Pressure cooker and air fryer safe.
  • Lifetime warranty