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Victorinox Cleaver: 7 x 3.5-in.


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Victorinox 40093 Cleaver: 7 x 3.5-in.

Versatile and reliable, the Victorinox 40093 curved restaurant cleaver is an exceptional tool in any kitchen. Great for hacking and separating bone from the meat, the large flat side of this cleaver is excellent for crushing and bringing out the flavor of herbs and spices like oregano and garlic. The extra tough edge of this traditional cleaver is designed to withstand repeated blows into thick meats, cartilages, and bone while staying strong and getting the job done. The carved rosewood handle is classy, comfortable, and ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your hand and help reduce wrist tension. At 7 inches tip to handle, this cleaver is perfect for day-to-day operations in your restaurant or in your home.