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Norton Prep Stone


Speed up the slurry-making process needed to cut and polish with waterstones using the Norton Prep Stone.

3/4″ x 3/4″ x 3″ in length.

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Designed to raise the slurry on waterstones without significantly altering the dimensions of the stone, these prep stones help to enhance waterstone performance. Softer than oilstones, waterstones provide lapping action for superb results and are ideal for producing superior edges for planes and straight chisels.

The prep stone is used with the finest grits of the Norton waterstones. The prep stone creates a slurry that helps polish the edge of the knife or tool. The stone is made of aluminum oxide abrasive.

For final polish, use this stone by rubbing it against the face of your 8000 grit waterstone. This process slightly flattens the stone and prepares it for the final step in the sharpening process.