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F Dick Silver Steel Knife Sharpener


Plastic cuttings in the meat are a thing of the past. We manufacture the Silver Steel HyperDrill entirely from case-hardened, stainless steel. Are you in search of a high-quality knife sharpener? Are hygiene and preventing foreign particles from getting into your food a top priority? Then we have the solution with our Silver Steel!

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The template for the design of the Silver Steel was provided by our successful Magneto Steel knife sharpener. The shape was further optimised in collaboration with hygienists and cutting professionals. The easy handling will win you over. A simple drawing motion results in an optimum cutting edge.

The sharpening unit consists of 2 x 2 replaceable HyperDrill sharpening rods, delivering a precise cutting edge with a perfect angle. Thanks to the ultra-fine cuts of the sharpening rods, the cutting edge can easily be honed and smoothed. The two additional sharpening rods boost efficiency by 33 %. The mirrored arrangement of the sharpening rods on both sides together with the mounting plate form the basis for a light, slim, low-profile tool. The mechanics of the unit are robust – without springs or vulnerable parts – making it safe from external influences.

The Silver Steel can be attached to the workplace or used as a hand-held device. For this purpose, two mounting holes are provided in the lower part of the device. Alternatively, it can be suspended on a chain using the upper mounting eyelets or secured against theft with a padlock. The angled handles with an extra thumb rest on both sides guarantee optimum handling when used as a hand-held device and a secure hold even when wearing gloves. No matter if you are right- or left-handed.

Width – 9.05in/ 23cm
Height – 10.25in/ 26cm
Length – 7.1in/ 18cm
Weight – 1lb/  .46 kg