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Sakai Takayuki Homura Premium (Aogami 2 steel) Kengata-Gyuto 225mm


The Homura Aoko is made by the skilled blacksmith Itsuo Doi. He is a son of legendary blacksmith Keijiro Doi, whose family has produced some of the finest hand-forged knives for more than 70 years. The family emblem of Mr.Doi is engraved as a certification near the logo on the blade.

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– Manufacturer : Aoki Hamono Co.,Ltd. (JAPAN)
– Blade Steel Type : High Carbon Steel [Aoko or Blue Paper (Aogami) 2 steel]
– Saya : Kuroishime Saya Cover comes with the knife
– Handle Material : Ebony Wood with a Buffalo horn ring
– Knife Type : Kengata-Gyuto Knife
– Blade Length : 225mm (8.9in.)
– Total Length : 365mm (14.4in.)
– Weight : 250g
– Blade Edge : Double edged (50/50 balanced, available for both left and right-handed)
– Made in JAPAN