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OXO Collapsible Colander 3.5-qt.


Flexible silicone opens easily and closes flat for storage.

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Colanders are so useful in the kitchen – for straining pasta, rinsing beans, and so much more – but storing them can be a pain, especially if you have limited cabinet space. The Collapsible Colanders fix that problem – the holes are spaced for quick straining, and the silicone folds up for flat, compact storage. Plus, the silicone makes the Colander extra easy to clean, and heat-resistant to make it safe for pasta right from the pot. Strain away: Small holes contain pasta but are spaced for quick draining.Silicone and nylon construction makes the colander heat-resistant. Silicone is easy to clean by hand, and is dishwasher safe. Long, non-slip handle for shaking out the last bit of water and for easy transport. To open, pressing center of strainer until fully extended Strain and/or rinse, shake, then pour in bowl or pot.