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Norpro 3-pc Funnel Set


Durable stainless steel construction funnels include three sizes, easy to clean, nest nicely and come with a clip-ring that keeps them together for storage.

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Set of three stainless steel funnels:

Large Mouth: 2.75-in  Stem: .5-in
Medium Mouth: 2-in  Stem: .4-in
Small Mouth: 1.5-in  Stem: .20-in

Each funnel has a perfectly narrow stem, ideal for filling small bottles and containers while keeping the kitchen counter free from spills. Each funnel’s stem is equipped with an indent (air release channel), which allows funnels to vent and allows contents to flow better.

Perfect for adding salt, pepper, herbs or spices into shakers or jars; transferring oils and vinegars into cruets or small decorative bottles for gifts; adding powdered drink mixes into water bottles and much more!

Also great for auto care, cleaning, restaurants, schools and labs!

Dishwasher safe.