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Nordic Ware Pizza Stone Set 13-in.


The three-piece Nordic Ware Pizza Stone Set provides all the items you need for family pizza night, other than the pizza!

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1. For oven use only.
2. Do not place pizza stone directly on a hot stove top.
3. Do not place a hot pizza stone directly on countertops and other surfaces.
4. Always place pizza stone into the serving rack before placing on
countertops and other surfaces.
5. Always use oven mitts when handling.
6. Your pizza stone will darken with use. This is part of the stone’s natural
seasoning and will not affect its performance.

1. Place pizza stone in a cold oven and preheat 15 minutes at 450° F.
2. Place pizza dough on a pizza peel or cutting board, dusted with corn meal to prevent sticking. Add pizza toppings.
3. Carefully slide pizza onto hot stone.
4. Bake according to recipe instructions. Using oven mitts, remove stone from oven and place into the serving rack.

1. Allow stone to cool completely before submerging in water.
2. Hand wash with water only. Do not use soap or detergent; they will be absorbed by the stone and affect the taste of food.
3. Use a nylon pad or non-metal scraper to remove hard to remove residue.
4. Allow stone to air dry thoroughly.