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Naniwa Stone Fixer


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Naniwa Stone Fixer

This Naniwa stone fixer is an economical way to maintain the shape of your water stone. This is not a sharpener.

Japanese Water Stones

As the popularity of Japanese knives increases in the U.S., so does the use of Japanese sharpeners. Water stones have been the preferred choice for sharpening Japanese tools for thousands of years. Through the latest technology, man-made stones such as these produce excellent edges without the risk of impurities or inconsistencies in the stone which would otherwise cause irregular edges. With just a few weeks of practice these stones will help you put a hair-shaving edge on your knife. Soak in water for 2-3 minutes before using. To maintain the flat shape of your stone we recommend purchasing a stone fixer.

Advantages: Can produce the best quality edge. Long-lasting with proper care.

Disadvantages: Expensive. Requires good technique and experience to master.