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Microplane Elite Five Blade Box Grater


The Microplane Elite box grater features razor-sharp blades and a roomy catch plate that collects shredded ingredients so you can easily measure your output.

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  • Features 5 popular Microplane blade styles:
    • Fine – combined with the coarse blade on the back panel, the fine blade makes quick work of parmesan cheese, zesting, and grinding hard spices.
    • Coarse – combined with the fine blade on the back panel, the coarse blade can be used to grate hard cheese, carrots, chocolate, and coconut.
    • Ribbon – Located on a side panel, use a ribbon blade for efficiency. It is a bi-directional blade so it cuts pushing or pulling. Recommended for soft cheeses, and fruits and vegetables.
    • Ultra Coarse – Largest panel on front for grating larger vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, apples.
    • Large Shaver –  Located on the side panel, use when you need small slices of items like parmesan, ginger, chocolate, and truffles
    • The convenient slide-out catch plate holds grated foods and the measuring feature helps you monitor the volume.