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MAC Professional Bread Knife: 10.5-in.


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MAC Professional Bread/Roast Slicer: 10.5-in.

The MAC Professional Bread/Roast Slicer: 10.5-in. is MAC’s most popular Bread/Roast slicer. This 10.5-in. serrated bread and roast slicer is a favorite among professional chefs and home cooks.· The revolutionary “scalloped” serrations cut through breads and roasts without tearing them apart.· The extra long blade with a slight curve produces see-through-thin slices of bread and paper-thin roast beef.· Our favorite knife for carving a holiday roast turkey.· To maximize its effectiveness use an exaggerated, long, sawing action and use as little pressure as possible to create even, thin slices.

  • Professional rust proof and stain resistant slicer
  • Blade is rust-resistant high-carbon Chrome Molybdenum steel alloy with Vanadium
  • Extremely sharp and well balanced
  • Resin impregnated wood handle
  • Made in Japan with a 25-year warranty; 59-61 Rockwell hardness