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Kikuichi Swedish Nickel 9.7-in. Sujihiki Knife


Kikuichi Swedish Nickel

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Kikuichi Sujihiki Knife: 9.7-in.

Show off the beautiful the Kikuichi Swedish Nickel 9.7 in. (245mm) Sujihiki when preparing sashimi and sushi. This lightweight knife features a traditional Japanese rosewood handle.

Swedish steel is a favorite alloy for Japanese craftsmen when they want to go all out and create a premium knife. Pure, unadulterated iron is crucial to any steel, and the Peat Bogs of Sweden is the perfect environment for this iron. The Damascus layering on these Kikuichi knives contain a high nickel content for superior shine and corrosion resistance. Birds-eye patterning on the blade, octagonal Handle and buffalo horn ferrule make this a real showpiece knife

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