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Kendall College Full Time Baking Kit


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If you select “Pick up at Kendall College” you will receive your uniforms at Orientation. If you select “Pick up at Northwestern Cutlery” you will be contacted by our store when your order is ready.

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Pizza Cutter
4 1/2-in Offset Spatula
7 3/4-in Offset Spatula
9 3/4-in Offset Spatula
5 pc Artist Brush Set
14-in Polyurethane Bag
16-in Polyurethane Bag
18 pc Sculpturing Tool Set
11 pc Plain Round Cutter Set
1-in Pastry Brush
2-in Pastry Brush
55 pc Decorating Tube Set
# 2 Plain Pastry Tube
# 3 Plain Pastry Tube
# 4 Plain Pastry Tube
# 6 Plain Pastry Tube
# 8 Plain Pastry Tube
# 4 Star Pastry Tube
# 6 Star Pastry Tube
# 8 Star Pastry Tube
St Honore Pastry Tube
12-in Whisk
Combo Probe Thermometer/ Timer
Quick Read Pocket Thermometer
Dough Scraper
Kitchen Shears
Digital Scale 11lb
Cutting Board Liner
Full Size Baking Mat
Half Size Baking Mat
Zester/Grater Microplane
Knife Sharpening Stone
12-in Sharpening Steel
Small Strainer
Kendall Mini Journal
Swivel Peeler
Tape Measure, Tailor Style
X-ACTO Knife
2 oz Ladle
Flexible Bowl Scraper (2)
12-in Stainless Steel Ruler
Size 24 Disher
Size 100 Disher
10-in High Temp Spatula
Paring Knife
8-in Chef's Knife
Serrated Slicer
4.5 x 1-in Bladesaver
12.5 x 1-in Bladesaver
8.5 x 2-in Bladesaver
Cooking School Bag