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Forge De Laguiole set of 6 Steak Knives: Elk Stag Handle


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Forge de Laguiole 

At the root of the Laguiole knife is the artisan and his expertise. Designated as a Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), we constantly strive to innovate, adapt and transform to ensure our knife manufacturing site doesn’t simply become a museum. We also take great care to make quality products.
Forge de Laguiole has embarked on a crusade: the battle for the label ‘Made in France’, and more specifically, ‘Made in Laguiole’. For us, at Forge de Laguiole, it’s about much more than a marketing slogan; ‘Made in France’ is the basis of our company philosophy.
From biodegradable plastic bags made in France and environmentally-friendly French-made packaging, to our knives manufactured in Laguiole itself, we are fully committed to helping build a sustainable future.
Creation has to be an ambition, invention a must, innovation a necessity.  Forge de Laguiole can only innovate if it respects its heritage, its history and its territory – its genetic code. We have a commitment to respect our employees and our products.
Forge de Laguiole intends to retain its status as one of the few companies able to offer knives by French knife-makers, in the village of Laguiole in France.