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F Dick 10-in. Polished Sharpening Steel, Round


You want an extremely sharp cutting edge? Then your knives should have a very slim cutting edge angle. However, slim cutting edges tend to fold over easily – long before they become blunt. The polished surface of the sharpening steel restores the cutting edge to its perfect shape and polish. Furthermore, the polished sharpening steel can also be used as a supplement after using a coarser sharpening steel. This further refines and polishes the cutting edge roughened by the fine cut. By straightening the cutting edge, high work performance is maintained without fatigue.

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Packinghouse steel features a smooth, polished contact area. Used to straighten the edge of knife blades after numerous uses. A standard issue piece of equipment in any meat processing establishment. Steel features a durable, high-impact and highly visible handle with attached hang ring. Made in Germany and built to last. 
  • Industrial round smooth polish steel rod used by meat packing houses to straighten knife edge after working with a sharp blade
  • Round stainless steel rod 10″ long (not chromed)
  • Seemless plastic handle with steel hanging ring
  • Made in Germany by F.Dick

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm