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STEELPORT 3-Piece Essential Set


This set is sold in a single custom box holding all three knives, ideal for gift-giving.

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STEELPORT’s 3-Piece Essential Gift Set features the three most used knives in the average home kitchen:

STEELPORT 4-in. Paring Knife for in-hand or small finer work on the cutting board. Our smallest knife, designed for a high level of maneuverability and application.

STEELPORT 8-in. Chef Knife a versatile chef knife for jobs large and small in any kitchen, named “The Best Made-in-USA Kitchen Knife” by Gear Patrol

STEELPORT 10-in. Bread Knife, a high performance bread knife with custom wavy serration ideal for hard crusted and soft loaves, BBQ brisket, and more, recently praised by The New York Times for exceptional performance.

Carbon Steel is for those who take pride in keeping their tools at peak performance through basic maintenance. Carbon Steel knives like STEELPORT are not stain or rust resistant. Day to day, it is as simple as remembering to hand wash and dry after each use.

  • Carbon Steel Care Tips

    • Always keep your carbon steel knife clean and dry immediately after use.
    • Oil your carbon steel blade regularly to maintain its luster and shine. A blade oil treatment is especially important before prolonged storage. Use a neutral food-safe oil, like the STEELPORT Blade Oil made of camellia seed.
    • Patina – unique color changes that occur with time and use on carbon steel blades – is natural and necessary, helping protect your blade and tell the stories of the meals it has prepared.
    • If rust (dark red/orange spots) does occur, it is important to remove it before pitting can begin.