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Sakai Takayuki Aonikou Blue-2 Carbon Steel Utility/Petty Knife: 7-in.


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Sakai Takayuki Aonikou Blue-2 Carbon Steel Utility/Petty Knife: 7-in.

Sakai Takayuki Aonikou Blue-2 Carbon Steel Utility/Petty Knife, 180mm (7″) A perfect companion to a chef’s knife or santoku. A petty knife is what the Japanese call our “utility” or “paring” knives. If you already own a small utility knife or just don’t find that you use them much, and if you want something that can be more versatile and used like a small slicer or “sandwich knife”, then this is the perfect length (it’s long enough to be used like a small chef’s knife or slicer really). It’s a superb example of a knife made with a high end carbon steel, so it is VERY sharp, it keeps this sharp edge a long time, and it resharpens more easily than most stainless steels. The handle and blade are beautiful, well made, and expertly finished, with excellent overall fit and finish. But remember, this is a high carbon steel knife, NOT stainless, which means you need to keep it dry and stored in a dry place to keep it from rusting. Wash by hand, wipe, dry and store after use. It is made from the high-end Hitachi Yasugi-works Blue-2 steel which is a very pure high carbon steel with added chromium and tungsten for increased toughness and durability (making it somewhat less fragile than the “white” steels for example). This steel is also called Aogami or Ao-Ko II in Japanese. Hardness is at least HRC 60. This knife is sharpened mostly on the right hand side and so is not suitable for left-hand use. I recommend the fine ceramic hone listed below for regular everyday maintenance. Comes in a beautiful Japanese gift box.