Pride Abrasives 5 Piece Advanced Sharpening Stone Set

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Work fast and achieve the perfect edge with this Pride Abrasives Advances Sharpening Stone Set. With smaller increments in between grits you can polish out the deep scratches from the previous stone faster. As a result less time is spent on each stone which means less wear and longer life for all you sharpening stones.   The flatening stone is a must for any home sharpener weather your a beginner or an expert. Keeping your stone flat is critical for maintaining true edges.

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This set contains,

1 – Pride Abrasives 600 Grit Water Stone
1 – Pride Abrasives 1000 Grit Water Stone
1- Pride Abrasives 3000 Grit Water Stone
1 – Pride Abrasives 6000 Grit Water Stone
1 – Pride Abrasives 120 Grit Flatening Stone