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MAC Ultimate Series Cleaver: 8.5-in.


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MAC Ultimate Series Cleaver: 8.5-in.

The MAC Ultimate Series Cleaver: 8.5-in.┬áhas legendary razor-like edges are sharper than those of any major cutlery manufacturer. One slice with MAC knives and you will experience for yourself the true definition of sharpness. The thin, flexible blades glide effortlessly through fruits, vegetables, meats, & fish. Other knives, especially those of forged construction, have thick, stiff blades which actually “wedge” in the cut and must be forcibly pushed through to complete each slice. MAC knives have been hardened to 57-61 degrees Rockwell C. while other knives are “softer” and consequently the edges change shape and dull more quickly in use. MAC knives are also light in weight, perfectly balanced, and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue during your cutting chores. The design of the MAC knife is so unique that it has received numerous awards and is patented around the world. No matter how expensive the knife, there are none better than the MAC knives. Yet MAC knives are reasonably priced and with proper care and maintenance, they will provide many, many years of exceptional service.

  • Sturdy cleaver knife, ideal for cleaning and cutting up fish and chicken
  • This is the ultimate knife for chopping through bones and other heavy duty work
  • Features a durable laminated wooden handle that fits in the hand comfortably
  • Westernized style cleaver is double beveled with MAC edge for cutting through bones
  • Made in Japan with a 25-year warranty; 59-61 Rockwell hardness

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