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Kikuichi Yanagi Sushi Knife, Ginsan Grade: 12-in.


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Kikuichi Yanagi Sushi Knife, Ginsan Grade: 12-in.

Handcrafted in Japan, the yanagi is the classic Japanese knife used to prepare sushi and sashimi, slicing through delicate fish with precision and ease. Each knife is hand forged, hand sharpened and hand assembled in a traditional method involving a 40-step process. The blade features a core of ultrahard high carbon and stain resistant Ginsan steel, while the handle is made of ho wood with a buffalo horn knife guard. Includes a handmade ho wood sheath for safe storage and to protect the sharp blade from contact.

The Kikuichi history of fine craftsmanship dates back to 12th century Japan, when an ancestor became a swordsmith for the emperor, marking each sword with the monarch’s chrysanthemum symbol. Today this proud tradition of metalwork continues with beautiful cutlery etched with this enduring emblem.



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