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Kikuichi Sushi Roll Knife: 8.25-in.


Kikuichi Elite Gold Warikomi

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Kikuichi Sushi Roll Knife: 8.25-in.

Known as a Kasumi knife, the Kikuichi 8.25 inch (210mm) sushi slicer has a very hard VG-10 steel core clad wrapped with softer steel for greater flexibility.

Kikuichi has a long and distinguished history. Although they have been producing superior cutlery for more than a 100 years, the origin of their company lies some 700 years ago. For most of their history, they manufactured Samurai swords that bore the Emperor’s Chrysanthemum symbol as a mark of their excellence. Today, Kikuichi ancestor’s swords are considered national treasures in Japan.

Kikuichi’s tradition of sword making began so long ago it is something that the they are proud to carry on in the high standard of craftsmanship they apply to the cutlery they produce today.