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Kikuichi Honesuki Boning Knife: 6-in.


The GS Series is one of our heaviest knives and is preferred by many chefs who want the quality of a Japanese knife with the weight and design of a European blade.

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Kikuichi Honesuki Boning Knife: 6-in.

The Honesuki is a knife used to remove bones from chicken parts and other meat.

The Kikuichi Gold Series are clad knives with a Swedish steel core and soft stainless on the outside.

The Kikuichi has a long and distinguished history. Although we have been producing superior cutlery for more than a hundred years, the origin of our company lies some seven hundred years ago. For most of our history, we manufactured Samurai swords that bore the Emperor’s Chrysanthemum symbol as a mark of their excellence. Today, our ancestor’s swords are considered national treasures in Japan. Our tradition of sword making begun so long ago it is something that the Kikuichi is proud to carry on in the high standard of craftsmanship we apply to the cutlery we produce today. Unlike ordinary stainless steel knives and scissors, the sharpness of our high-quality, handcrafted products is easily maintained.

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