Fletchers’ Mill Tronco 3 in. Walnut Stain Salt Shaker


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Spice up your restaurant, bistro, or cafe with this Fletchers’ Mill TRO03SS12-14 Tronco 3″ walnut stain salt shaker! Featuring a unique, angled design, this salt shaker is a stylish and functional adornment to dining establishments. It is made from high-quality, renewable wood with a perforated top that allows for simple application. This salt shaker is easy to use and refill. Simply shake the salt onto foods to season as desired. Refill with table salt by removing the plastic cover on the bottom.

This shaker features a walnut stain color to let it fit in with any modern decor. With fine holes at the top of the shaker, it is easy to shake out the desired amount of salt on your dishes without worrying about over pouring. Bring out as much, or as little, flavor as you prefer in a variety of dishes. Whether you’re using it in your kitchen or placing it on tabletops for customers to use, this shaker is sure to help make a calming and flavorful statement!