FINEX Cast Iron Grill: 10-in.


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“The best choice for achieving backyard BBQ results indoors.”

The FINEX No. 10 Grill Pan (nicknamed “Grillet” for its skillet style handle) is almost a foot of hand crafted premium cast iron designed to grill, sear or blacken your favorite meats or vegetables both indoors and out. Cast iron is at its best when retaining and transferring heat and the 10” grill pan is no exception. Unlike less substantial grill pans that may cool off and require re-heating when cold ingredients are introduced this pan stays hot and balances out high temperature variations.

Inspired by solidly crafted vintage grill pans but designed for modern expectations the 10” grill pan has wider extra-deep grill ribs patterned after commercial BBQ grates to easily drain rich foods and avoid unintended frying. Hand assembled to exacting standards from premium American cast iron, polished brass and stainless steel the top of every grill rib is even individually machined and polished to minimize sticking and cleaning. Hand seasoned with natural organic flax seed oil.


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