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John Ritzenthaler 17-in. Puppet Silicone Oven Mitt


Ritz 685* Silicone Oven Mitt. Protects hands up to 685* including steam, boiling water & frying oil.

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  • HIGH TEMP PROTECTION: This is a professional oven mitt, so we’ve made it out of black silicone, with a 100% cotton interior, to protect above 500 and 600 degrees, all the way up to 685 degrees.
  • LIQUID-PROOF: This high temp oven glove has an exterior made of black silicone, a waterproof material that protects you against steam, boiling water, fryer oil, and even open flames.
  • COMFORT: This oven glove keeps you comfortable with a thumb-over-palm design for easy gripping, while protecting you from high heat, and keeping you safe and dry with a 100% cotton liner.
  • FDA APPROVED: This 17″ professional black silicone baking glove has been approved by the FDA as food-safe.
  • EXTRA-SAFE AND DURABLE: This oven mitt’s black silicone exterior not only protects from high heat, but won’t smoke or burn in open flame. It’s also bleach-resistant and dishwasher- and laundry- safe.