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Ard Classic Knife-Cuts Visual Model Set II


12 polymer resin color-coded three dimensional cuts

  • Matching 2-D layout
  • Additional booklet representing 15 other various preliminary & decorative cuts with detailed definitions and close-up pictures.

The Classic Knife Cuts 3D Model Sets are a perfect addition to the tools of culinary students, professional chefs and all cooking enthusiasts!

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For Post Secondary Culinary and Hospitality Programs/Schools.

Each unit consists of polymer resin three-dimensional models (color-coded to make it easier to identify and distinguish the cuts), names and definitions of standards, and a two-dimensional layout to permit modeling, measuring and comparing cuts to exact sizes plus a booklet featuring close-up pictures and definitions of several other cuts. The products are hand-washable and compact enough to be easily stored in a book (knife) bag or tool box.

EDUCATORS AND CULINARY SCHOOLS –  Our Classic Knife Cuts Models are being used by some of the best Culinary schools, vocational schools and high-school programs nationwide. Plus, the model is invaluable for preparing for culinary competitions. 

CULINARY STUDENTS – As part of your coursework, you will need to learn how to make consistent cuts that conform to the accepted culinary standards. These kits will aid you in that learning process and will serve as a valued reference throughout your culinary career. You will also find the consistency and uniformity of cuts you will learn from these models invaluable in your culinary competitions.

CULINARY PROFESSIONALS – You can expect consistency and uniformity from your staff by providing them with these models.