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Whether you’re a bakery with a traditional, classic style, or a hip and trendy establishment pushing baking boundaries, your kitchen won’t be complete without this Chicago Metallic Bundy Professional Bakeware madeleine pan! This handy pan, arranged in four rows of four molds, will help you to bake these shell-shaped sponge cakes perfectly every time. Display them in your bakery case, or use the pan to help fill orders. Keep your madeleines traditional and plain, or jazz them up a bit by dipping them in chocolate and topping them with sprinkles! This pan will be sure to bring out your creativity and inventiveness.

The Chicago Metallic 25400 madeleine pan is proudly made in America, offering the finest in performance and quality.

Made of 22 gauge aluminized steel, the Chicago Metallic 25400 Bundy Professional Bakeware madeleine pan provides a new pan design in a convenient size for smaller operations or new product introductions, but is still built to the same standards as commercial bakeware lines.

Each madeleine pan comes complete with AMERICOAT Plus, the leading silicone coating technology used on all Chicago Metallic glazed pans. Using breakthrough silicone resins to achieve unparalleled results, AMERICOAT Plus is specifically formulated for bakeware applications and is suitable for contact with food per FDA code 21CFR175.300. This coating provides up to 30% more releases than other silicone glazes, reduces bread and cake pans oil usage up to 50%, is PFOA and PTFE free, and helps reduce staining. Pans coated with AMERICOAT Plus are not dishwasher safe. Hand wash only.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 15 3/4-in.
Width: 11 1/8-in.

Compartment Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 3-in.
Bottom Diameter: 3-in.
Depth: 5/8-in.

Hand wash recommended.


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