Camerons Outdoor Smoking Chips – Alder – Coarse – APPROX. 2 LBS


100% all natural. Kiln-dried. No additives. Made in USA.

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WORKS WELL WITH: Seafood, especially salmon and swordfish. Works well with beef, pork, and light-meat game birds.
FLAVOR PROFILE: Considered the mildest of smoke flavors, but still full-flavored and delicate with a hint of sweetness that is preferred with any type of fish, especially salmon in the Pacific Northwest. Less dense than other smoked woods.

Coarse Smoking Chips take longer to ignite but burn slower than superfine chips which allows for a longer cooking time. Coarse wood chips can be used in hot or cold smoking applications, in smoker boxes, on top of charcoal, and can be soaked to extend the smoking life.