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Ateco 8 3/4-in. Plastic French Rolling Pin with Rings


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Easily roll out fondant with this Ateco 7512 8 3/4″ plastic French rolling pin with rings! Designed specifically to roll out fondant, this plastic rolling pin includes two bands on either end so that you can control the thickness of your fondant and take approximate measurements as you go along. This rolling pin includes bands that can help you roll out dough that is 1/8″ think, and it also includes bands to roll dough 1/16″ thick. It is made of plastic that is smoothed during the manufacturing process to create a flat, non-stick finish.

This rolling pin features a smooth French style that provides a comfortable, natural grip and gives you maximum control over the thickness of your product. When working with delicate materials such as fondant, it is important to not overwork the product because overworking can lead to cracking and drying. This rolling pin allows you to work quickly and efficiently without worrying about losing pieces of your fondant during the process. Ideal for cake shops and bakeries, this rolling pin is the perfect addition to your kitchen tools!